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Tex-Cote Coating Systems, Engineered for the future – Monthly Savings on Energy Costs

When you think of tex-cote, there are a couple questions that come to mind and the most common question we get is “What is Tex-Cote” followed by “What does it do?” “How Much does it cost?” “Does it save me money?” and “What are the warranties?” These are all common questions that we answer to ensure we keep you up to date on the most energy efficient products on the market that are available for your Smart Home Decisions regarding your home products. When many people think of remodeling, you think of granite countertops, recessed lighting, and altered floorplans, Tex-Cote is a form of remodeling, just instead of being inside, you are remodeling the outside, the curb appeal of Tex-Cote is second to none! Making your home look better than it did the day it was brand new. Below is some information regarding the Tex-Cote products and the advantages of each, as well as the process of installation!

Thinking of Painting?
At some point in your future you will pull up to your home after a long days work and start to notice maybe some damages on the exterior of your home, maybe some color fading, or possibly you might just want a change of scenery for your home. Then your first thought is, why don’t I just paint my home, brighten it up a little bit! That is a fine thought but with Tex-Cote you get all the same advantages as a fresh paint job, just a better product, warranty, installation process, and the peice of mind knowing you will never have to paint your home again, with a triple transfer LIFETIME WARRANTY, you can rest assured that this will be the last time you will ever have to paint your home again.

Monthly Savings on Energy Costs
It’s a nice hot summer day the moment the heat turns up, most people will walk over to the thermastat and turn on the nice cold Air Conditioning to keep them cooled down and usually the A/C runs for a good portion of the day, or atleast until it cools down. With Tex-Cote, imagine only having to run the A/C for half the time, helping insulate your home and keeping that cold A/C in your home and that hard earned $$$ in your pocket! With having Tex-Cote installed, it will better insulate your home and save you up to a whopping 21.9% on your cooling costs using it’s heat reflective chemicals to assist in protecting your home against the heat and thus leaving you to enjoy your A/C without the hassle of increasing Cooling costs every summer!

Tex-Cote Coolwall & Reflect-Tec
Tex-Cote Coolwall is a favored product among many residential, commercial, industrial, and even military structures. It is designed to help insulate structures all while reducing heat signatures by 21.9% and it also contains a special chemical to reflect sunrays that cause bonds and paint to crack and break. Coolwall is the first choice of many buildings at the retail level including, Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, and many other entities as well as many military bases across the country and many structures overseas. Tex-Cote’s technology is sweeping the energy efficient industry and has been a leader in coatings for years!

Tex-Cote 10 Step Process Defined
Tex-Cote offers a unique 10 step coating process from start to finish. From Start to finish ensuring every step of the way is completed, correctly, accurately, and efficiently. This process is dedicated to the top of the line industry standards and more. The steps start with your initial consultation and once an agreement is reached on the project it is followed by the installation process wich includes the site inspection by certified Tex-Cote Installers. The process continues with trenching to assist with the foundation and prevent moisture instrusion. The next step in the process is the water blasting and or sand scraping that helps remove stains, loose paint and stucco, mold, mildew, algae, which will expose patching areas. The next step in the process is patch and repair which assists the deteriorated areas in becoming normal surfaces again by patching and bonding with the existing surface. The next step in the process is Masking to ensure all surfaces and landscaping is protected from overspray. The next step is the application of the primer which will leave a set surface ready to be coated. The next step in the application process is the coating itself, the product that helps reflect heat, beats water damage, and is the color of the home most resembeling the “paint” aspect of the project. The last step in the construction process is the trim coating which is applied to the trim to prevent downward damages. The very last step in the process is clean up to make sure we leave your home the exact same way we found it!