Solar Energy

How Much Does A Solar System Cost?
This is probably the most common question we get everywhere we go. The cost of each solar system is a little bit different. There are many factors that go into pricing a solar system so a “ballpark” quote is insufficient to the accuracy of your quote. Our experts need to assess the property to be able to accurately quote the solar system by visiting the property and doing a “site evaluation” or by using our eagle eye software to accurately measure the surface area of the roof to be assured the array is able to physically fit on the home. There are also shading issues that could occur due to nearby trees, chimneys or pipes intruding through the roof that make some solar systems less efficient so with careful design we must accurately find the azimuth, tilt, and size panels to counter your usage levels efficiently. A Solar system sold in Phoenix, AZ might be a lot different than one sold in San Diego, CA even though they might be counteracting the same size usage. So to accurately price a solar systems there are a few things that we need to take a look at before we price our systems. All prices are based off of your usage in Killowatt hours, roof orientation, and array direction.

What Are The Warranties?
Each manufacturer offers their own warranties, the one most panels advertise is a standard production warranty which usually means that the solar panel will produce a certain amount of energy for X amount of years. Many of the industry leading manufacturers offer warranties of 25 years up to 30 years for production warranties. Ask your Energy Builder’s Representative for more information on which panel offers which warranty included production, workmanship, and product warranties.

Do You Have Financing Programs?
Yes, We Do! Actually, about 90-95% of our customers select the option to finance their Solar systems due to the low out of pocket expenses and the affordable monthly payments. Our solar financing is set up with a slew of pro solar banks which have actually created certain financing programs just for solar from integrated Fixed Interest Rates to $0 down “green Loan” Programs. Ask us how we can help you finance your system!

What If I Decide to Move?
If your thinking of moving or think it could be a possibility in the future then you might want to wait on solar. If your housing market is booming, you might be able to recover the cost of the system at the time of sale, and solar will definately help your home sell a lot quicker than if it didn’t have solar. It all depends on if your moving soon and how soon. Ask us for more details if this is one of your concerns and we will be glad to explain the options that are available to you.

How Much Money Will Going Solar Save Me?
The savings of solar all depends on how much you are currently spending on your electricity, the savings of 1 solar system varies depending on the size, the average home that adds solar to their home should end up saving them close to $100k or more, again depending on the size it could be less or it could be more!

Disclaimer: Each solar system savings vary from system to system. Not all systems save the same amount of money. Individual results vary.