Residential Installation

Residential Solar systems are installed using precise planing and design. There are a few steps that serve as prerequisites in order to be able to install a solar panel system on your home. Although the installation lasts only from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the size of your system, some of the steps before the installation may take up to 30-60 days. The steps are listed and broken down in order.

1. Consultation- This is where you will find out key facts about the solar system that you would need to either partially offset your electric bill or to counter act your electric bill all together. You will learn of any incentives regarding solar such as the federal tax credit and state rebate (if available in your area) and any local government incentives including your utility companies offerings. You will learn the price of the system your home needs as well as gain inside information on our financing programs, and payment options. This is one of the most important steps in the process as it serves as the initiative to purchasing a solar system or your home.

2. Measure- So after you and your family decide that solar is a good direction to go in, we will need to measure your roof to ensure that the system size is correct and we are able to fit all the panels needed to equal your suggested system size. The measure is an important step is designing an accurately sized system for your home and to be be sure there are no shading issues and helps us determine additional challenges suchas array orientation (what direction the system will face) We will also double check your electrical panel configuration to be sure there is no upgrade needed, If there is

solar-panels-house3. Planning and Permitting- The planning and permitting is a fairly easy process. The planning side of it means we are just taking the first two steps and putting them on paper to be able to get your permits approved. The permitting side of step number 3 is getting permits from the city or county to be able to do solar on your home. Very rare and sometimes special conditions will delay this step but usually doesnt happen as long as we do our jobs correctly.

4. Ordering Materials- The next step in the process is to order the solar panels for your job. This usally done with other orders to ensure we can pass on the bulk discounts to our customers. Shipping usually takes 7-10 business days or sometimes longer if there is a high demand for the selected model and brand of panels.

5. Installation- The next step in the solar installation process is infact the installation itself. This step is the actual construction and implementation of the solar panels on the home, this process includes getting the panels hooked up and installed according to your plans. It also includes installing necessary conduit and electrical wiring into the electrical panel as outlined again in your plans for installation. The installation also includes leaving as if we were never there, meaning any trash or wiring cuttings or any trash of any sort, or damaged roof tiles are to be hauled away and disposed of. Any damaged roof tiles during installation is covered in full and re installed by our installation team before the end of installation.

6. Inspection- There are a few inspections that need to be done to be able to get sdg&e to turn your system on so that you may generate your own electricity. The first inspection is done by our own engineers to minimize the chance of having the city or sdg&e report any problems. The next step is for the city to inspect that the system was installed correctly and in a safely manner, in order to turn on your system sdg&e will need to see proof from city engineers stating the solar sytem is safely installed and in working order. The last inspection is sdg&e which is usually done about 4-6 weeks after the system is on and working properly or is monitored by them without an actual inspection.

7. Federal Tax Credit and Incentive Claims- We will be working with you hard to claim your federal tax credit on your behalf so during this whole process you and your family do not have to lift a finger. Our office and sales professionals work closely to provide you with the necessary paperwork needed to correctly file for a tax credit with u.s. government.

8. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!- In order to make sure your solar system pays for itself quicker, Energy Builders Inc. is offering a referral program to help spread the word. Basically we will pay you a referral bonus for anyone you send to us that buys a solar system, the referral bonus is subject to change and could be more or less than the current state of the monetary amount of the bonus. If you would like to refer friend, contact us and we will be glad to help you!

There are a few things that all go into the process of going solar and at Energy Builders we try to take care of most of those steps for you, so when you buy a solar system for your home, your not just buying solar panels, your buying hard workers, fair prices, and top of the line installation services as well.